Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gallery performance improved by 10%

Because of todays changes gallery performance was improved by another 10 percents. Read more to know how this was archieved.

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Facet search

Facet search introduced. Live example can be seen here:

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Javascript moved to the bottom

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Various changes

  • Path location moved to content, more space from top saved
  • Implemented breadcrums.
  • Performance improvements about 5% or 10%
  • Class compile - experimental feature.


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Search by image similarity implemented

 Search by image similarity implemented. Some live examples:

Based on: image content search engine

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Images import from facebook albums

  Implemented images import from facebook albums.

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HTML5 based file uploader

Replaced swfupload with file-uploader. No flash dependency, but lost multi-upload functionality in IE. But now we do not depend on flash completely.

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Flexible ROI settings for color indexing

Implemented color indexing based on flexible ROI settings. Very useful in some situations. see it here. Red color is in above of white color, because I used ellipse ROI, plus some flexible inside_width and inside_width percent's. That means more relevance search by color for all.

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Login with facebook

 Implemented login with facebook.

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Search by include and exclude colors

Implemented search by include and exclude colors. It allows search images witch contains red and green but not blue color + keyword. See it here: or

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MongoDB support for gallery

 Today was commited first versions with MongoDB support. It's really early versions and a lot of things is still not working (color search, regualar search). Today I finished fixed install so who want to try it with MongoDB can do it easily. Then versions will be ready I will write additional post. Meanwhile for production you should use standard version with MySQL. By the way, if anyone wants can play around with MongoDB version here all images are stored in grid-fs. And it's my development version where I make all changes.

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